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Frequently asked questions

How do i download “the power of love”?

The process is simple and super safe.

    -   Click on the red “Donate” button you find on top or bottom of the website.
    -   Enter the amount you would like to donate.
    -   Enter your email address. We need this to send you a link to download the song!
    -   Specify your preferred method of payment: Paypal (credit cards too) or iDeal (for the Dutchies!)
    -   Complete your donation.
    -   Check your email, click on the link and enjoy the track! (don’t forget to check your spam folder)

Can i make a donation from my country?

Anyone can donate for this cause! The amounts you select in Euros will be converted into the currency of the country you live in.

Why is €2 the minimum donation amount?

Unfortunately there’s some costs involved in any charity projects. In this case it’s namely bank charges and transaction costs. A minimum donation of €2 makes sure that such expenses are covered and that the money you donate will still help the Red Cross in its work. Give all you can!

Where is my money going?

Countermove is a no profit foundation. Every single cent you donate for “The Power of Love” will go to the Red Cross to help victims of sexual violence worldwide.

Is this website safe?

Absolutely. All payments are handled by and PayPal who adopt the highest industry standards for the safety of your data. We do not receive any of your details, aside from your email which we need to send you the link for the download.

Why should i donate?

We have done our very best to help this is very important cause.
In conflict areas, sexual violence is used as a weapon, to humiliate the enemy, with catastrophic impact on the victim’s physical and mental health.
Often excluded from their community, surrounded by shame, victims also suffer social and economic consequences.

The Red Cross provides shelter, medical care and psychological counselling, but is also committed to giving these women hope for a future, through fundings and training.
The Red Cross provides information to the public, the police and armed forces about the consequences of sexual violence, to prevent the victims from being expelled from the community, and to help decrease sexual abuse during war and conflict.

I didn’t receive my download email!  and now?

Please check your spam folder. The email might have ended up there!

The link you sent me does not work anymore and i can’t find the song in my computer!

The link is programmed to accept a number of downloads. Maybe you clicked on it one time too many? Please check your download folder for the song file. If the problem persists, contact us.

What is countermove?

The Countermove Foundation was born in 2014 as an initiative of professional musicians from the Netherlands.
The foundation aims to promote music, culture and collaboration between artists in support of charity organizations.

What is 3fm serious request?

Every year 3FM, one of Holland’s biggest radio stations, organises a large scale charity event to help the Red Cross in its work. Some of its most notorious DJ’s close themselves in a house made of glass, without food, on a public town square for 4 days, broadcasting 24h live.
The whole nation gets busy supporting this initiative, calling the radio and donating money to request a song to be played on air, or collecting money with big or small actions.
You can find more info on their website (unfortunately..dutch only!)

I would like to donate to countermove for future projects, how do i do it?

Thank you so much. With your help we can keep making things happen.
You can donate to COUNTERMOVE by bank deposit using the following details.

stichting countermove
ovv/for: Countermove Initiatives Bank: ING
IBAN: NL52INGB0006727586

I have a problem with my download | i have an idea for your next project | i want to collaborate with you…how do i get in touch?

You can stay in touch with us through Facebook
and Twitter
And of course our website

Or you can contact COUNTERMOVE at [email protected]
We will reply as soon as possible!